About Us

We are a full service kayak shop located in the Point Washington area, owned and operated by kayakers. We make sure you get into the appropriate kayak for the type of paddling that you plan to do. We make sure you are comfortable in the kayak and it is the right size for you. There are kayaks designed for the smaller paddler as well as for the larger paddler – most are not one size fits all. We like to talk to you about your kayaking plans before we show you any boats. We have over 50 different models in stock – sit inside as well as sit-on-top, some models designed for fishing. They are made from a variety of materials – the standard roto-molded plastic and a thermal-molded material that is called Carbonlite 2000 – similar to Lexan. Kayaks made of fiberglass and Kevlar are also available. As with anything the price goes up as the weight goes down.

Whether a first time kayaker or expert, whether it’s for fishing, touring, exercise, surfing or just for fun we will help you select the right kayak for you.

Have Kayak or Accessory Questions?

We are knowledgeable kayakers and are here to answer any questions you might have!

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