We have a full line of accessories from the following manufacturers.

  • Aqua Bound – paddles
  • Astral – PFD’s (life Jackets)
  • Bending Branches – paddles
  • Carlisle – Paddles
  • Cascade Designs – dry bags, electronic cases
  • Chota – Mucklucks (booties)
  • Chaco – Sandals
  • Danuu – kayak covers
  • Extrasport – PFD’s (life Jackets)
  • Harmony – pumps, paddle floats, sponges, boat wall hangers, Lasso security Cables
  • NRS – gloves, booties, dry boxes, rescue kits
  • Pelican – dry boxes
  • Scotty – fishing rod holders
  • Seals – spray skirts & cockpit covers
  • Seal Line – dry bags, deck bags
  • Seattle Sports – Paddleboy kayak carts, wall cradles, foam blocks, tie down straps
  • Skwoosh – paddling cushion
  • Snap Dragon Design – spray skirts & cockpit covers
  • Stohlquist – PFD’s (life Jackets), gloves, booties, paddling jackets
  • Surf to Summit – kayak seats, SUP paddles, insulated fish bags
  • Wheel-eez – kayak carts
  • Yak Attack – kayak fishing rod holders & accessories
  • Yak Gear –C-Tug kayak carts

How To & Where To

  • Instruction books
  • Guide books
    • NOAAnavigation charts and publications – local gulf coast charts in stock
    • USGStopographic maps – most of the local paddling spots in stock
  • Waterproof Charts


We carry PFD’s from a variety of manufacturers – they are all designed for paddling so they are cut away for free range of motion. Some of them have a high back or thin back so they will not interfere with the tall seat backs on some of the Sit on Top kayaks. They range in price from about $90.00 to more than $150.00 – depending upon the features they have.


We stock paddles from Aqua Bound, Bending Branches, Carlisle and Eddyline. They range in price from $50.00 to over $300.00 – the price goes up as the paddle gets lighter. They are made of aluminum, fiberglass, carbon or graphite.

Roof Racks & Trailers

  • Thule – kayak racks & saddles, car top boxes, surf pads, tie down straps
  • Yakima – Rack & Roll Trailer, kayak racks & saddles
  • Malone – Xtra Light Trailer, kayak racks & saddles
  • Boonedox – T-bone truck bed extender
  • Darby – Extend – A – Truck
  • Seattle Sports – foam blocks & straps, hood loops

We can set up just about any car or truck to carry a kayak (or kayaks). There are semi-permanent roof racks built by Thule, Yakima & Malone and several that you will mount only when you are going to use them. We do stock most of the Thule, Yakima and Malone racks & saddles. We also have in stock the Thule Exporter truck rack, Thule car top boxes and a couple versions of a truck bed extender. We will install the racks for you if you if you like.