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Kayaking 101

What you need to get started:

We can help you find the right balance between intended use, personal preference, and budget. While carbon fiber paddles can be extremely expensive, very good paddles with high quality plastic blades and shafts of fiberglass or aluminum can offer great performance at much lower price.

PFD (Personal Flotation Device)
You must have a PFD with you to paddle Florida’s waterways. A decent quality PFD designed specifically for kayaking can actually be very cool and comfortable (even in Florida’s heat) and could prove to be the best investment you’ve ever made.

A very inexpensive piece of safety gear that could save your life. Legally you must have with one with you to paddle Florida’s waterways.

Suggested Accessories:

Dry Bag
Because of condensation, there is no such thing as “dry storage” in a kayak. An inexpensive dry bag is an absolute necessity for valuables that can’t handle moisture.

Even if you aren’t venturing out at night, it is a good idea to at least carry a small flashlight with you in case of fog or inclement weather. It is not so much to help you see as it is to help you be seen by passing boats.

Waterproof cell phone case
Not only are smartphones handy in case you have a problem out on the water, but with a waterproof case you can use the GPS functions without having to worry about getting your phone wet.